Changes at Bigelow/Bigelow/Bayard Intersection coming

Changes to the stoplight/crosswalk at Bigelow, Bigelow and Bayard intersection are coming.     The goal is to improve safety for pedestrians crossing at the intersection.

Changes will be made in early summer, and include:

  • Designated right and left turn lanes coming down the hill on Bigelow will be clearly marked
  • At lower part of Bigelow (coming down from High School) 3 – 4 parking spaces on the right side of Bigelow will be removed
  • Crosswalk signals will have a leading pedestrian indicator (LPI) which grants pedestrians a 3 second head start over the vehicles. This leads to increased pedestrian visibility and has been shown to decrease vehicle/pedestrian conflicts.

One of our neighbors Mary has worked with Pgh Department of Mobility and Infrastructure.    We are grateful to her for her insights and work !