CROW = Coalition to Re-locate Our Wildlife (dis-inviting migrating crows to share our trees!)

The tall trees of Schenley Farms have been an increasing popular place for migrating crows to roost each winter. Crows seek light, warmth, and an area to socializing and sleep during the colder months. These birds are smart, fascinating, and important to the ecology of the region. However, they also create quite a nuisance …. with the noisy cacophony of cawing each evening and morning, and especially with the fecal droppings which land upon sidewalks, lawns, parked cars and houses. And the time period seems to be getting longer. Last year in 2019 crows were prominent nighttime residents in the trees from late October to early February.

This year an group of neighbors are hoping to ‘harass’ the birds, making the area less attractive to them. Tools of harassment are mainly NOISE and LIGHTS.

The effort is dubbed as CROW (Coalition to Re-locate Our Wildlife). Volunteers have been identified. But all persons living in the neighborhood are invited to participate Wooden clappers have been made and are available for distribution. Limited use of light/noises from minor fireworks will included. Flashes from cameras, and in some cases, holiday sparkle lights will be used also. It is anticipated that these noise/lights will be most effective around sunset, as the birds come from staging areas into the roosting areas for an overnight location. It is hoped that a few weeks of evening harassment effort will convince crows that there are better places to settle in.

HOPEFULLY NEIGHBORS WILL BE AWARE OF NOISE/LIGHT HARRASSMENT EFFORTS FOR A LIMITED TIME EACH EVENING. It could be a little annoying for some, but surely all SF neighbors dream of a Thanksgiving and Holiday period without Migrating Crows filling the trees each evening !!