New Stoplight at Bigelow/Bigelow/Bayard January 2022

There were many concerns about pedestrian safety at this complex intersection …   leading City Traffic Officials to initiate improvements which began in August 2021.  There were multiple delays, especially with utility upgrades needed underground in the area.  Members of SFCA were involved with the planning steps.

The newly constructed traffic signal at the intersection of Bayard Street and Bigelow Bayard was activated during the week of January 17th, 2022.  The new signal includes 12” overhead LED vehicular signals, pedestrian countdown signals, audible pedestrian pushbuttons and a protected flashing yellow arrow left turn signal for outbound Bigelow Boulevard traffic.    New crosswalks will be painted as soon as weather allows.

Manager:  Eric Stein P.E.

Department of Mobility and Infrastructure

A few other changes for neighborhood residents:   removal of several parking spaces on lower Bigelow right side just before stoplight;   elimination of right-turn-on-red when coming down Bigelow from Schenley Apts.