O’Hara Street Construction Coming Early May

U Pitt administration has alerted community neighbors, including Schenley Farms, to report on site prep activity concerning the planned demolition of O’Hara Garage.  Work is anticipated to begin during the first week of May.  A map (below in PDF) denotes the streets that trucks will likely be using.   Also there are  available visuals on PDF pages 115-120 of our Institutional Master Plan for all the development scope and size specifics planned for the area.

Potential community impact is outlined below:

  • Full project schedule:
    • O’Hara Garage demolition                             05/03/2021 – 08/04/2021​
    • LRDC Building demolition                             08/05/21 – 01/12/2022​
    • New Recreation Center construction           April 2022 – October 2024
  • 13 metered on-street parking spots will be offline for 3 years from May 2021 through the completion of the new wellness and recreation center
  • All Pitt folks with parking passes in O’Hara garage will be given accommodation elsewhere on campus through Parking and Transportation
  • Parking Lane along O’Hara St will be blocked and lanes re-aligned​
  • Bicycle lanes will be combined with travel lanes​
  • Noise, dust & vibration during demolition activities​
    • Mitigated by work schedule, watering during demolition, selective hand demolition in sensitive areas​. Fully closed site to minimize external disruption
  • Truck traffic hauling debris​
  • New Recreation Center will bring a vibrancy to the O’Hara corridor​
  • “Panther Run” greenspace next to Recreation Center to ascend the Hill​
  • New Accessible path of travel up the Hill through the new Recreation Center​

Further discussion of these plans will be provided at May 20 SFCA Annual Meeting by U Pitt representatives.

View a map, showing proposed truck routes likely to be used:

Hillside Truck Routes