Currently a proposal for changes to the Resident Permit Parking (RPP) process is under consideration by Pgh City Council.   There is a public hearing before this Council on Thursday, November 4, 2021.

Several neighbors have raised concerns, since one particular aspect of the proposed changes might impact Schenley Farms neighborhood adversely, namely the creation of a “hybrid-RPP” parking zone.    If passed, this would create a process whereby some now-protected RPP neighborhoods could be switched to a ‘hybrid’ system, where residents with permits would share street parking spaces with persons paying through a parking kiosk.

Because community input is so important,  SFCA board has sent information to neighbors about this potential change.

Information includes the following:

1.)   Background information

2.)   Link to City information sites

3.)   Invitation to a Neighborhood Zoom meeting on Monday Nov 1 6:00 p.m., if you are interested in learning more or giving feedback

4.)   Commentary by one neighborhood advocate (Norm Clearey) which explains alo

Of note,  this is the initial legislative process.   It is NOT the time when decisions about specific neighborhoods are being made.    If ‘hybrid RPP’ zones are created in Pittsburgh, there will be time for discussion and a possible need for widespread neighborhood involvement.



  • Here is the official statement about why the issue is being raised now:   “ The City is interested in transferring the administration of the process for creating or expanding new areas for the Residential Permit Parking (RPP) Program from the Department of City Planning to the Pittsburgh Parking Authority, who already permits and enforces RPP areas.  Since this change requires a change to the City Code, the City is looking to understand what changes residents may want to see from the program to make any other potential Code changes at the same time. “
  • Schenley Farms has been a RPP since 2014.    This means residents can buy an annual permit for one car at $20 and a visitor car for $1.    Residents with permits can park on the street.   Drivers without a permit can park for one hour free, and during 7 p.m. – 7 a.m. time period.  Enforcement is through Pgh Parking Authority.
  • One of the questions on a City Survey which underlines the possible changes included this phrasing:   “Should the City allow some hybrid parking, allowing for commercial and residential parking, in areas near a large parking generator such as a hospital, university, or professional sports stadium? “


  •  Map of the current RPP areas Pittsburgh:


  • Summarizing presentations with the main points: 



Includes a survey of community input, with approx. 2200 respondents.

  • Link to City Council


A ZOOM meeting will be held soon, with neighbors invited to learn more and to give input.