St Agnes Church on Fifth: message from Preservation Pittsburgh

A number of people have expressed their concern regarding the former St. Agnes Church that Carlow University is planning to demolish as part of their 5th Avenue development.

Below are two actions which can be taken on behalf of the former St. Agnes Church:

#1) Petition to Save St. Agnes

Please sign:

#2) Carlow is soliciting public comments as part of their Institutional Master Plan (IMP).

The IMP is required by the City of Pittsburgh. Carlow stated that they will be approaching the Planning Commission in November regarding the plan.

It is important that Carlow hears that people would like them to incorporate the existing St. Agnes Center (the former church) into their plans for their Lower Campus/5th Avenue Development. There is an adjacent parking lot and were they to build a taller building here, they likely could spare the church and use it as a historic and cultural anchor for their new development.

Here is the option to comment on the plan:

For more info on Carlow’s Institutional Master Plan (IMP)

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