Our Past  …..

This now stately neighborhood did indeed start off as a cow pasture!  Schenley Farms was an open area of about 170 acres within Oakland, a large glacial terrace about 2 ½ miles east of Pittsburgh Center. The area remained pastoral despite surrounding development, until 1905 when the trustees of Mary Schenley’s estate sold the land and it became part of a ‘model city’ design headed by F F Nicola.  This visionary developer espoused the City Beautiful Movement, a philosophy of urban design flourishing in the 1890s and early 1900s, which focused on beautification and monumental grandeur as a way of making cities more attractive and livable.  Nicola’s company designed Schenley Farms as the utopian residential section,  to complement the elegant classical monuments and buildings being erected in Oakland.

Schenley Farms is now a unique historic residential neighborhood, located in the Pittsburgh’s Oakland area, near major education, cultural, and medical institutions. The neighborhood is designated as a city, state, and national historic district, and is widely recognized as a significant living museum of early 20th century architecture and planning.

Our Present ….

Details important for homeowners can be found in sections below, including      1.) requirements for living in historic district    2.) zoning regulations 3.) preserving trees 4.) parking 5.) amenities.

The Schenley Farms neighborhood is one of the most desirable, stable, unique and historic residential neighborhoods of Pittsburgh. The foundation of neighborhood pride is the opportunity to preserve for future generations residential living designs which are historically significant and vital to the cultural identity of the city itself.

Many perks add to the quality of life – remarkable location, neighboring public cultural institutions, green spaces and majestic trees, walkable areas including plazas and parks, access to public transportation, and nearby shops and restaurants.