SFCA Activities on hold due to Covid-19 Pandemic and Public Health Measures

SFCA Activities on hold due to Covid-19 Pandemic and Public Health Measures

PA continues to be under public health directives to minimize spread of Covid-19, starting the week of March 13 2020.   Allegheny County moved to a ‘yellow’ reopening phase on May 15.   Clearly this will not be a normal summer and fall.   At this time all group gatherings of more than 25 persons are prohibited as a health precaution.

There were three annual SFCA activities being planned and all have been placed on hold.  These include:

1.)   May – annual meeting of membership

2.)  August – a planned street party with food trucks and participant games

3.)  October – an educational history presentation, in the “Exploring Our Roots” series.

THESE PLANNED ACTIVITIES ARE ALL ON HOLD.   The safety and health of all neighbors is the highest priority at this time.

June 6 Fundraiser Walk for Children’s Hospital: SF Walkers Team

June 6 2020 is the date of a virtual walk fundraiser for Children’s Hospital of Pgh.    Liz Frame and her husband Dr. Geoff Bond are organizing a neighborhood group, the Schenley Farms Walkers.   To participate, neighbors are asked to register at www.walkforchildrens.org.   Special SF teeshirts will be distributed.  After some fun walking, a party/breakfast will be held at the Bond home, and will be appropriately ‘socially distanced’.    THIS IS A GREAT CAUSE FOR A GREAT INSTITUTION BENEFITTING THE CHILDREN OF PGH.

What’s Next for Pittsburgh

Recommended by Caddy Harper

A nice overview of happenings.   Includes 10 great places to run.      If link doesn’t work, copy/paste to your browser.


New website with neighborhood bulletin board

4/3/2020    Submitted by J Squires:

This is the first bulletin board posting for a 2020 revised SFCA sponsored website.   Unfortunately this inaugural post takes place in the midst of the third week of a stay-home order due to a national Covid-19 pandemic.

One heart-warming note:   Two weeks ago an email blast was sent to approx 90 homes with emails known to SFCA, which offered to identify  a neighborhood link if anyone needs additional help (groceries, pharmacy pick-up, etc).  Within 24 hours, there were no requests for help.   But 26 neighbors wrote to volunteer to help any neighbor with unmet needs.    For now, our neighborhood seems quiet and stable …  but it is full of kind and generous people !!