First Annual “Chalk the Walk”

Schenley Farmers warmly welcomed our Pitt student neighbors to the First Annual “Chalk the Walk” in Schenley Farms.  While the turnout was less than expected, the glorious sunny Spring day brought some talented Pitt chalkers to the sidewalks of Schenley Farms.  Thank you to Cate LeCrone (Pitt’s North Oakland Community Ambassador), Gabby DeMarchi (Assistant Director, Community Affairs), and Justin Dandoy (Director, Community Affairs) for pulling this off.  A number of Schenley Farmers stopped by to admire the student’s creativity including Shirley and Jim Cassing, Mark Nordenberg, and others.  A wonderful chalked welcoming sign welcoming the activity was created by Caddy and John Harper.  We look forward to an even greater event next year.

Fifth Annual Exploring- Our- Roots Lecture and Social Event: October 13, 2022



Each Autumn SFCA sponsors a fun and interesting evening ….  a history expert sharing info about the origins and adventures of our unique Historical Neighborhood of Schenley Farms.

Details for 2022:

When:   Thursday, October 13, 2022    7:00 p.m.

Where:  Latin American Cultural Center,    4338 Bigelow Blvd

Who:    Robert (Bob) Jucha,PhD      Degree in American Studies from GWU, book editor, teacher of Pgh and American Architecture, longtime docent with Pgh History and Landmarks Foundation

Topic:  Oakland’s City Beautiful Movement stands out when compared to other cities’ efforts


Evening is sponsored by SFCA, but open to anyone interested in Pgh history and heritage !!


Spotted Lantern Fly found in neighborhood … danger to trees and vegetation

Spotted Lanternfly Infestation on Tree

One neighbor near Parkman/Bigelow area reported that a Spotted Lantern Fly (SLF) infestation was found on his property as vines were being cleared in the back yard on July 12.     Another neighbor on Lytton reported finding a dead nymph on his walkway several days ago.

SLF is an invasive species capable of significant damage to trees, vines, crops, and other vegetation.    

SLF is not harmful to humans but damage to trees and yard plants can be extensive.

Useful Websites as a source of further information, re reporting and killing these predators:

Relevant YouTube videos

What is a Spotted Lanternfly?

How to Remove Spotted Lanternfly Eggs

Spotted Lanternfly Egg Masses – Scrape Crusader

This video describes how you can build a simple device which can be used to remove Spotted Lanternfly Egg Masses from your trees



The Second Annual SFCA Summer Block Party was a huge success, held on Sunday July 10,   6 t0 8 p.m.    Over 100 neighbors and friends gathered on Tennyson Avenue, which was closed for the event.   The wonderful Harpers opened their front porch and yard as a hub of action,  while tables and chairs filled the streets.  Food was provided by the Vagabond Taco Truck …  great tacos, chocolate brownies.   Drinks were abundant, music came from speakers, dogs were meeting in the street, and cigar smoke was enjoyed/ignored !    Cornhole competitions were held, while kids enjoyed chalk, hula hoops, bubbles and games.    The beautiful weather and large shade trees provided the perfect ambiance.

Annual Membership meeting held May 26, 2022

After two years of ZOOM meetings, the annual May meeting was once again being held IN PERSON.    Hurrah!

Date/Time:    Thursday May 26, 2022        6:30 – 7:00  social time       7:00 – 9:00    meeting

Location:   Latin American Cultural Center  at  4338 Bigelow   (lower corner of Bigelow and Parkman).    This beautiful building is newly refurbished, was prior home of Historical Society of Western PA.

LACC  generously is providing the location at embarrassingly-low discount…     good neighbors indeed !!


Initial part features updates from institution/government bodies:

Mayor Ed Gainey:    a great honor for neighbors, as he spoke about violence prevention, goals for his new administration, plans for development in Oakland

Councilperson Erika Strassburger:   invited by had to decline due to recent Covid;   sent a list of issue updates which were presented by powerpoint

UPMC:   Doug Spies (Sr Director of Architecture and Engineering):  update on new Presby Hospital, with groundbreaking in June and plans for completion in Spring 2026

U Pitt:   Jamie Ducker (ED, the Engaged Campus) and Chuck Alcorn (architect):    announced that One Bigelow Project now on indefinite hold after reassessment of campus/home work situation;  gave update on other projects including currently-under-construction Health Ctr on O’Hara and plans for hilltop dorm construction

PGH City Government/Planning:  Jake Pawlak, Deputy Mayor;   Kyle Chintalapalli, Chief of Econ Development;   Rebekkah Ranallo, Mgr Neighborhood Services.    Gave updates and Q&A, with topics including city budgeting process, concerns about electric scooters, new plans for Oakland Development


Update of activities from board.

Elections for board.    Janet Squires and Laura Waxman leaving.   New members:  Rob Squires, Richard Moncure, Liz Frame (re-elected)