Block Party 2023

On Sunday, July 23, many Schenley Farmers and their families gathered under the shade on Tennyson for the 3rd Annual Block Party.  Great food was provided by Dave Gancy and team from the “Frick Park Market” as well as residents who brought delicious sides and deserts. Everyone had a great time catching up with friends and meeting new neighbors.

Pitt and UPMC Construction UpDates

Steel is rising from the ground for the Pitt Wellness Center on O’Hara.  The cornice atop Thaw Hall is being renovated! This is a good sign that plans to maintain this historic structure are in place.  The footprint of the UPMC Heart and Transplant Tower at Presbyterian is established, and the ground floor of the parking area is visible.

Celebrating the retirement of our favorite mailman, Tom Tondera (AKA Slim, Stretch).

On Thursday, June 22, a great crowd gathered at the lounge in the Wyndham Hotel to celebrate Tom’s retirement and wish him the very best.  Neighbors Blithe Runsdorf and Mike Abney worked together to make this event a success.  We will all miss Tom’s unique engagement with all the neighbors.  He was and will always be a member of the Schenley Farms Family.

First Annual “Chalk the Walk”

Schenley Farmers warmly welcomed our Pitt student neighbors to the First Annual “Chalk the Walk” in Schenley Farms.  While the turnout was less than expected, the glorious sunny Spring day brought some talented Pitt chalkers to the sidewalks of Schenley Farms.  Thank you to Cate LeCrone (Pitt’s North Oakland Community Ambassador), Gabby DeMarchi (Assistant Director, Community Affairs), and Justin Dandoy (Director, Community Affairs) for pulling this off.  A number of Schenley Farmers stopped by to admire the student’s creativity including Shirley and Jim Cassing, Mark Nordenberg, and others.  A wonderful chalked welcoming sign welcoming the activity was created by Caddy and John Harper.  We look forward to an even greater event next year.